Docker + AWS + Windows

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This post will detail how to set up AWS ECR, build images with a local Docker Windows instance, and push them out to AWS Elastic Container Registry.

Installing Docker for Windows

First install Hyper-V. Just download and install Docker Desktop for Windows. Check if it works via the command line command docker image ls.

Setting up AWS CLI

First download and install AWS CLI for Windows. Then navigate to AWS IAM -> Access management -> Users -> select your users -> Security credentials -> Add new access key. In the command line type aws configure. Provide the settings.

Now log on onto the AWS Elastic Container Registry. Click Create Repository and note the repository hostname (the first part of the name to the slash).

AWS login and building, pushing the image

Now run aws ecr get-login-password and note the result. You will now need to execute:

docker login -u AWS -p result_of_aws_ecr_get_login_password

After that proceed to the directory and invoke this commands:

docker build -t .
docker push 

Or consult your local DevOps wizard for the host name and the image tags.

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