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Author is a Information Technology technician, a graduate of Zespół Elektronicznych in Rzeszów, Master of Engineering of computer science (both levels of studies completed cum laude), honored with the medal Ignacy Łukasiewicz’s PRIMUS INTER PARES, where he also studied Biotechnology and took part in a semester-long student exchange program on Kraków’s AGH as part of the exchange program MOSTECH.

Recipient of the Prime Minister’s Scholarship in years 2010/2011.

Additionally the author is a certified first aider.

He works part-time as a CTO at his own company, which tackles the problem of monitoring heating installations on-line under the name of SMOK (that’s Polish for dragon by the way). Additionally, he works full time at Ericsson.

On facebook he can be found here, on Instagram here, the author has also a GitHub.

To his area of interests there belong:

  • computer science (all branches)
  • electronics
  • medicine (in particular rescue medicine) and pharmacy
  • physics and astronomy
  • biotechnology
  • heating technology
  • law

You can contact the author by writing at:

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