The Past

or what I dug up from old zip and rars


Today I found on the disk a zip archive with the Past. Having a manner that I have, namely after a period of my life is over sending everything to a zip archive, to be dug up later. I’ve dug up a series of projects, some of which I uploaded to GitHub.


  • uczniowisko which is basically a marketplace of Polish matura exam presentations. You see, Polish matura from the language of Polish used to be a presentation that a student would prepare beforehand and then deliver it to a commission. Since the topics of the presentations repeated soon enough, a marketplace that gave second life to spent presentations has sprung up. A client has contacted me to basically copy a portal. Yeah, you read it right. Copy a portal. I don’t remember what it was that I copied, I believe it was an older version of The client ended not paying me, so I open sourced his project.
  • Old TryBAR – you see I happen to have an old friend I made back in the technikum. His name is Piotr Trybalski, and he used to run a site that was a catalog of bars. Bars could display their offers there, and people could rate and comment on them. I only maintained this version, which was originally written by (if Piotr’s memory serves right) Kamil Rokosz.
  • TryBAR – later Piotr contracted me to perform a rewrite of TryBAR back in Python. I was happy to oblige, but I was not happy that I had to cut HTML. Essentially, the project is 30% CSS, 30% HTML and 40% rest.
  • A plugin integrating an older version of PrestaShop with DHL24 shipping service and with Allegro. I was contracted to write them by a small laptop retailer in my city. My friend was also contracted to write another system for them, but they ended up not paying him. They paid me, at the very least. I’ve checked with the customer if they are OK with me posting the sources, and they told me that they were utilizing a commercial plugin written by an actual company.
  • FALBANK + Techplatform – this is basically the first ever version of SZUS, the system that powers my dad’s service company. I wrote it in junior high using PHP and a self-cooked PHP framework called Techplatform.
  • I also used to do embedding (well, I still do). I soldered together a small board powered with an AVR to function as the alarm for my home. It was integrated with external computers via a RS485 MODBUS RTU bus.
  • Complete source code for version 2 of SMOK. Sadly, it is similar enough to the current version that I cannot make it public.

Smaller findings

These smaller findings were added a gists:

  • KOLEKCJONER – a protoplast for the SMOK system. A script that used to connect to an exchange unit and download data from it, periodically.
  • Frisko Screen Reader – FRISKO devices can work over the Internet in one of two modes. They can either work in MODBUS, or they can work in give-me-a-password-and-I’ll-show-you-my-screen. This is the Python for Windows script for the second case.
  • Computer turn-off – a simple Pascal program that was used to limit my sister’s time spent on computer.
  • LuaSZ. A function plotter. It accepts a function written in Lua via stdin, compiles it and plots the resulting function. It was written as my C++ project from my technikum.


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