El Quattro: a medical leave in Poland

In Poland to receive a ZUS ZLA certificate (A state-run certificate that you’re sick and unable to work) you have to have a doctor visit. Hopefully in the care world of teleinformatics I have mine just at arm-lengths. He submitted me the L4 (el-quattro, the earlier name for ZUS ZLA) and drugs for my rehabilitation. Categorical code for my illness: F43. Mind and please spread the conscience!

The side effect is that I’m more productive than in a normal working day. I’m on such a speed-up. I’ve conducted master code reviews for my team back at MTU, made sure my employer’s infrastructure at Scout is running optimally and that I’m not running afoul of my Lemon technical reviews (I’ll write some time about that separate time).

I’ve also had several future-related revelations that I’m going to make use of at SMOK sp. z o. o., so keeping my lips shut about that moment!

And once I’m out of rehabilitation I’m starting a new religious group. It will be based on AA meetings, but with people talking about how they managed not to be a bitch to someone this week. This requires no God, and only the good in your hearts. Because frankly if you could rise from the grave to tell something to your ancestor, wouldn’t it be “don’t be such a bitch to another human being”?

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